My "Perfect" Dress

My "Perfect" Dress
This is from Zara :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Welcome To My Virtual Dukan Diet Journey!

So, my name is Sunny and I am from Canadialand :D 
A place for friends to discuss and share info pertaining to diets in general and the Dukan Diet especially.
I have tons of weight to lose so Im hoping y'all will accompany me in my journey to fitting into "that" one special dress. Today, the 24th, was my very first day!
P.s. Feel free to write to me about your experience! We are totally in this together :)

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  1. I am from NZ and today is my first day doing Dukan... Its going pretty well so far! I will definately be following your blog as I also want to lose 30 pounds or so... I am a lot bigger than you currently at 198 pounds! Please keep posting etc and keep me motivated! Liv xx